Sr numberStandardSubjectLesson/TopicReference
11st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 1 Introducing MyselfClick Here to View Lesson
21st StandardMathematicsL – 1 Shapes and SpacesClick Here to View Lesson
31st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 1 Letters of the English AlphabetClick Here to View Lesson
41st StandardEnglish TextPoem – A Happy ChildClick Here to View Lesson
51st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 2 My FamilyClick Here to View Lesson
61st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-3 People who help usClick Here to View Lesson
71st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 2 Naming WordsClick Here to View Lesson
81st StandardEnglish TextUnit -1 A Happy child Continued & Unit – 1 Three Little pigsClick Here to View Lesson
91st StandardEnglish TextUnit -2 Poem After a bathClick Here to View Lesson
101st StandardEnglish TextUnit -2 The Bubble, The Straw and the ShoeClick Here to View Lesson
111st StandardEnglish TextUnit -3 Poem One little kittenClick Here to View Lesson
121st StandardMathematicsL – 2 Numbers From One To NineClick Here to View Lesson
131st StandardMathmematicsL – 3 AdditionClick here to view lesson
141st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 3 Types of NounsClick Here to view Lesson
151st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 4 My NeighbourhoodClick Here to view Lesson
161st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 3 Poem One little kittenClick Here to view Lesson
171st StandardMathematicsL – 4 SubtractionClick Here to view Lesson
181st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 6 Plants Around UsClick Here to View Lesson
191st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL- 7 Animals around UsClick Here to view Lesson
201st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 8 My bodyClick Here to view Lesson
211st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 3 Lalu and PeeluClick Here to view Lesson
221st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 4 Mittu and Yellow mango (prose)Click Here to view Lesson
231st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 4 Once I saw a little bird (Poem)Click Here to view Lesson
241st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 5 Circle (Prose)Click Here to view Lesson
251st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 5 Merry Go round (poem)Click Here to view Lesson
261st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 9 healthy habitsClick Here to view Lesson
271st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 6 VerbsClick Here to view Lesson
281st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 7 AdjectivesClick Here to view Lesson
291st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL -10 Food we eatClick Here to view Lesson
301st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 12 Clothes we wearClick Here to view Lesson
311st StandardMathematicsL – 6 TimeClick Here to View Lesson
321st StandardMathematicsL – 7 MeasurementsClick Here to view Lesson
331st StandardMathematicsL – 9 Data HandlingClick Here to view Lesson
341st StandardEnglish TextUnit 6 Our TreeClick Here to view Lesson
351st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 6 (Story) Murali’s Mango TreeClick Here to view Lesson
361st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 6 Poem If were an appleClick Here to view Lesson
371st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 7 A Kite Poem & L – SundariClick Here to view Lesson
381st StandardEnglish TextUnit – 8 A little turtleClick Here to view Lesson
391st StandardEnglish TextL – 8 The Tiger and the MosquitoClick Here to view Lesson
401st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 8 ArticlesClick Here to view Lesson
411st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL -13 Our FestivalsClick Here to view Lesson
421st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 15 Safety FirstClick Here to view Lesson
431st StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 16 AirClick Here to view Lesson
441st StandardMathematicsL – 10 PatternsClick Here to view Lesson
451st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 8 ArticlesClick Here to view Lesson
461st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 9 This, That, These, ThoseClick Here to view Lesson
471st StandardEnglish GeneralL – 10 PronounClick Here to view Lesson
481st StandardEnglish GeneralPunctuationsClick Here to view Lesson
492nd StandardMathematicsNumber Name and Table of 2Click Here to View Lesson
502nd StandardMathematicsL – 1 What is long? What is Round?Click Here to View Lesson
512nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 1 First Day at SchoolClick Here to View Lesson
522nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 1 Alphabetical OrderClick Here to View Lesson
532nd StandardEnglish GeneralLesson 1 – Alphabetical Order WorksheetClick Here to View Lesson
542nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 1 Haldi’s Adventure (Prose)Click Here to View Lesson
552nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-1 About MyselfClick Here to View Lesson
562nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 2 I am Lucky (Poem)Click Here to View Lesson
572nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 2 Common Nouns WorksheetClick Here to view Lesson
582nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 2 Common Nouns (Part 2) WorksheetClick Here to view Lesson
592nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-3 People Who Help UsClick Here to view Lesson
602nd StandardMathematicsL – 2 Counting in GroupsClick Here to View Lesson
612nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesLesson – 4 Our SchoolClick Here to View Lesson
622nd StandardEnglish GeneralLesson – 3 Proper NounsClick Here to View Lesson
632nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 2 I Want (Prose)Click Here to view Lesson
642nd StandardMathematicsL-3 How much can you carryClick Here to view Lesson
652nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 3 A Smile ( Poem )Click Here to view Lesson
662nd StandardMathamaticsL – 4 Counting in TensClick Here to View Lesson
672nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 3 The Wind and the Sun (Prose)Click Here to View Lesson
682nd StandardMathematicsL – 5 PatternsClick Here to view Lesson
692nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 4 Singular and PluralClick Here to View Lesson
702nd StandardEnglish GeneralLesson 5 VerbsClick Here to view Lesson
712nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 6 AdjectivesClick Here to view Lesson
722nd StandardEnglish TextUnit 4 – Rain (Poem)Click Here to View Lesson
732nd StandardEnglish TextUnit 4 – Storm in the garden (Lesson)Click Here to view Lesson
742nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 5 Zoo mannersClick Here to View Lesson
752nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 6 Our CountryClick Here to view Lesson
762nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 7 More About PlantsClick Here to view Lesson
772nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesLesson – 8 More About AnimalsClick Here to View Lesson
782nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 9 My BodyClick Here to view Lesson
792nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 10 Healthy HabitsClick Here to View Lesson
802nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 5 Funny BunnyClick Here to view Lesson
812nd StandardMathematicsL – 6 Foot PrintsClick Here to view Lesson
822nd StandardMathematicsL – 7 Jugs and MugsClick Here to View Lesson
832nd StandardEnglish TextUnit 6 Mr.NobodyClick Here to view Lesson
842nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 7 ArticlesClick Here to View Lesson
852nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 15 Celebrating TogetherClick Here to View Lesson
862nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-16 Safety RulesClick Here to view Lesson
872nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 6 Curly Locks and the three Bears ( Prose )Click Here to view Lesson
882nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 8 PronounsClick Here to view Lesson
892nd StandardMathematicsL – 8 Tens and OnesClick Here to View Lesson
902nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-14 Our ClothesClick Here to view Lesson
912nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 7 On My Blackboard I Can Draw (Poem)Click Here to view Lesson
922nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 7 Make it Shorter (Prose)Click Here to view Lesson
932nd StandardMathematicsLesson – 9 My FundayClick Here to view Lesson
942nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 17 DirectionsClick Here to view Lesson
952nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL- 18 Means of TransportClick Here to View Lesson
962nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 8 I am the music manClick Here to View Lesson
972nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 9 AdverbClick Here to View Lesson
982nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 10 Is Am AreClick Here to View Lesson
992nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-19 Means of CommunicationClick Here to View Lesson
1002nd StandardMathematicsLesson – 10 Add Our PointsClick Here to View Lesson
1012nd StandardMathematicsL – 11 Lines and LinesClick Here to View Lesson
1022nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 12 Types of HousesClick Here to View Lesson
1032nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL – 20 The EarthClick Here to View Lesson
1042nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 11 Has and HaveClick Here to View Lesson
1052nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 12 PrepositionsClick Here to View Lesson
1062nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 13 ConjunctionsClick Here to View Lesson
1072nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-21 Our UniverseClick Here to View Lesson
1082nd StandardEnvironmental StudiesL-24 Weather and SeasonsClick Here to View Lesson
1092nd StandardEnglish GeneralL – 14 The SentenceClick Here to View Lesson
1102nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 8 The Mumbai MusicianClick Here to View Lesson
1112nd StandardEnglish TextUnit -9 The Magic Porridge Pot ( Prose )Click Here to View Lesson
1122nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 9 Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair (Poem)Click Here to View Lesson
1132nd StandardEnglish TextUnit -10 Strange Talk ( Poem )Click Here to View Lesson
1142nd StandardEnglish TextUnit – 10 The grasshopper and The Ant ( Prose )Click Here to View Lesson